Hand Held Devices need SMALL web sites
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Would you like to have a GetMobie.com.au web site.

This means that if someone is looking for you with a mobile device, a smart Phone, iPad, Tablet etc... then they will automatically be sent to a web site that is premium built to suit a smaller window display than a large computer or desk top.. for people on the GO GO GO.

What we do is easy, for you anyway. Set up a GetMobie.com.au mini web site system to launch to your own mobile site, jam packed with information about your business, about you, your location, address, phone numbers, a map.. yep, all the good stuff that you would want, and email link plus direct access to call you if you wish.

YES.. We can provide direct links to dial your phone number, send you a text message or even drop you an email.. all done with a few taps of the viewers fingers.

Give me a call when it suits you. I am happy to chat and to answer all your questions.

GetMobie is an All Australian Enterprise for anyone or any business.
If you have a web site or not... GetMpbie gives you the opportunity to get your information, products and services out there.
If your Business web site does not have a mobile friendly version, perhaps its time it did. GetMobie is that service.
Too many Australians do their research with hand held devices nowadays to ignore it.
Business leads and links can be found or not.. its as simple as that.. if you are notthere.. you will not be found.
With your own GetMobie site, containing important elements of your main site and links back to it .. PLUS giving visitors the immediate ability to call you, email, txt or buy items.. and of course also read all about you and your services..
GetMobie.com.au ... your link to getting your own mobile device friendly web site up and active in no time at all.

Best regards,

Col Pearson

Phone 0418 310 547 or 1800776688 if you are calling from (non mobile) office or home phone.

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